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Why British Club School?

Почему выбирают курсы английского у нас       British Club School is embracing a revolutionary educational system that is beginning to take hold on a global scale. We are putting our students at the center of their learning through guidance and development. We focus on real world learning that will help them in the 21st century. They will learn skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, planning and goal setting. This is all done to give our students the ability to compete in the modern day world.

How will we achieve this?

       The teaching of school aged children in British Club’s school is similar to how teaching took place at camp with a few alterations. We try to use a balance of structured lessons that are organized and taught by the Russian teachers and more fluid lessons given by native speakers. The Russian teachers are well qualified with each of them having a minimum of 2 years previous teaching experience, along with having a love for children and their development. In the first step the Russian teachers will have the responsibility to teach grammar, writing, reading, and speaking using various methods: using videos, songs, phonetics, dance, theater, etc. based on a theme. They will access each student’s strengths and weaknesses for future development.
Then in the second step the Russian teacher and native speaker (all having a min. 2 years experience) collaborate about what the students learned during each lesson so that the native speaker can help activate, motivate, and correct the students in the creative process of using what they have learned. Using this same theme structure the students will perform skits, plays, create videos and film giving them the desire to create novel situations to activate their ability to use English in a more dynamic and creative way. We believe that using these methods will embed the newly learned vocabulary, grammatical structures in a more natural setting. Please note that all themes are based on real life situations, skills, and much more.

Our Pledge:

  1. Encourage students to think independently and drive their own learning.
  2. Enable students to take part in programs of education that lead them to the best universities in Russia and overseas.
  3. Address not only cognitive development but social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
  4. Prepare students to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.
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